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What do you do on the morning of your wedding?

The Solution on how to decorate and style

your wedding venue on the BIG day


When do you have time to decorate your wedding venue and to add those finishing touches to your table décor?


You don’t! And anyway, why should you?

  • YOU should be RELAXING, getting pampered with your hair and make-up at the very least. You should be chatting with your bridesmaids and other special friends and family. This is the time to be enjoying those who are special to you as you all get excited in the build up to your walk up the aisle.

  • You SHOULD NOT be worrying if any of your décor items have not turned up, or if you have time to add those finishing styling touches to the table decorations.

  • You definitely don’t want to be setting up with your hair still in rollers or your make-up half done. AND you definitely don’t want to break a finger nail that you got especially treated and polished!

  • AND no, your bridesmaid, mother, sisters or other close friends shouldn’t be doing it either – they should be spending these precious moments with you as the bride!


What are the pitfalls if you get friends and family to decorate (or even worse do it yourself)?


Apart from the obvious time factor where you will be rushing around, potentially very stressed trying to get everything decorated in time, there is also the added issue of what YOU imagined the venue to look like.

Your friends and family may not be privy to all the detail that you had planned and know exactly how you want everything to look.

The Solution:

At Elbee Events we have a systematic, planned approach to both designing, creating and styling wedding décor. We begin at the planning stage right through to a set-up and pack-down service.

We have FOUR levels of styling service, with our Exclusive Escape Styling Service being the most comprehensive, and therefore the most popular.

Ultimately, it means you DO NOT have to worry about a thing the morning of your wedding and you have our 100% guarantee that when YOU enter your venue (which will be AFTER all your guests have arrived) everything will be in its place as we had already planned with you.

You can have a stress-free morning and we will take care of everything.

We guarantee your guests will go “WOW!”

Coordination guarantees that your wedding venue will look exactly as you’ve dreamed with everything in its correct place and everything looking beautifully gorgeous!

You have worked so hard getting to this day – with ALL your other planning so the morning of is the time for you to enjoy, without any added decorating stress.

It is what we most love to do! It doesn’t feel like a job to us.

From concept design to dressing the tables, we will not stop working until everything is perfect.

Your wedding will be as memorable and unique and as beautiful as you imagined it to be.

Check us out now:


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