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Styling & Designing Décor

Come on in for wedding decor inspo!

30 minute studio browse - FREE

90 minute styling session - normally $75, but book now and it will be FREE!!!!!


The Studio started as a dream as we wanted to create a special area to showcase our styling skills and so we transformed what was once an old packing shed into what we now affectionately call "The Studio".

This dedicated space allows you un-pressured time to explore decorating ideas as there are several permanently styled table and venue decorations already set up.    

The Studio also offers you a place where we can discuss the style of your wedding.  It's so exciting for us to be able to bring those ideas together by setting a table for you.  Together we can add or take away elements as we go!

Wondering what shape of table you want?  On display are round, square and rectangular tables with different coloured linen so there is plenty of choice!

We are continually changing the décor as new ideas, themes and styles are dreamt up by our staff. 

Creating and designing décor is truly our happy place, so when you ask us to design a specific look we get pretty excited!

Follow the Journey from packing shed to Studio:

Our business is based on a "vision to reality" ideal.

Our birth and studio transformation is at the heart of who we are, we treated the vision in exactly the same way that we treat our customers. 

You come to us with a table décor vision that we together transform into reality.  


In the same way, our vision to turn an old run-down packing shed into a stylish studio developed.  We wanted to create a special place that was dedicated to showcasing our creative and design ideas for various table settings.

Now that it is complete we are finding it a fun space to be!  We are continually changing and updating our table settings along with other venue décor items.  

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If you want to see where it all came from to what it is now, have a look at our studio transformation blog:

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