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Why choose us?

Because we offer the best service to you

We promise you professional, reliable, and friendly service.

We will LISTEN to your vision.

We promise to offer new innovative ideas when bringing your vision to life.

You can relax as we plan every styling detail to take the stress off you.

We guarantee your guests will go "wow!"


Because we have a fair price promise

From simple to elaborate parties, you can trust our pricing principles.

Pricing options from hire only to complete table styling that suits your needs and budget.

All pricing will be pre-quoted.

No hidden extra charges. 


And choose us because we always offer high standards

We offer the highest standards to ensure your party décor is memorable.

We have strict professional standards.

We present ourselves in uniform, and with pride.


    What is bespoke tablescaping?

    Simply put, tablescaping is like landscaping but it is the transformation of a table setting rather than an outdoor area.

    We will create a special atmosphere for you - be it with fairy lights, placemats, that special napkin fold or the vase of flowers on the table.  Sometimes it is simply working with you to choose a favourite colour palette.  It is our job to uncover your own personal style in order to create that unique and inspiring table.….on any budget!  Our perfect table decorations will be of a high quality, beautifully crafted and impressive.

    What is bespoke Venue Decorating?

    Bespoke venue decorating is decorating that matches your unique table decorations.  We will offer other ideas that can truly bring your table-scaping to life as a further extension of your theme at the venue.  Have a browse through our ideas – from umbrellas to silks, to fairy light curtains, to rustic chandeliers.


    We also love to create new items that are as unique as you! 

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