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For those wanting to do the designing and decorating themselves - use our DIY service - feel free to browse our range of decorating products (both for tables and your venue) that are available for hire.


Or we also have some pre-prepared table decorating themes that are packaged up ready to go. They may just give you a bit of inspiration of what you want for your own special event too.


We also have a small selection of catering equipment - hire from us in conjunction with your decorations to take away even more stress!


We know that event planning can sometimes be a long and stressful process for you but we can help you ensure all of your decorations not only look unique to you - but are styled, designed, created and set up exactly as you wish - all by us.


No stress involved!

We will not stop working until everything is perfect!

The beautifully aesthetic setting done by Elbee Evolutions at the wedding I attended, had depth and a richness that could have only come from hours of planning and preparation. Leanne certainly put her heart and soul into the entire set-up. I loved not only the overall rustic New Zealand theme but also the little details of delicate place settings and perfectly placed candles and flowers. You can tell when someone is not only talented, but absolutely dedicated to making the perfect setting of a wedding.

Sandra - guest at Jason & Skye's wedding


So, let's get the party started!

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