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It's Engagement Season - YIPEE!

BE EXCITED - and don't stress! We've put together a few thoughts for you to mull over while you are celebrating this special time in your life.

Wondering how long to wait between being "just engaged" and starting your wedding planning process? Here's the answer:

Being newly engaged, it’s oh, so exciting - one of the most fun, loved-up times - EVER!

But, you might also be feeling a bit overwhelmed about all that others are telling you to do next - which is why we prepared an easy-to-follow plan below.

Being engaged is a time when lots (and we mean LOTS) of well-meaning people will start giving you advice. Some of it will be really helpful, some of it, not so much. So we’ve put together a few things for you to mull over while you are celebrating this special time in your life.

Firstly though - welcome to "engagement season" - that special time of the year when more than 40% of all marriage proposals take place. It usually around Christmas time and stretches right through to Valentine’s Day.

It’s such a great time to get engaged – celebrating around Christmas time while family are together over the festive season.

Beginning the New Year or Summer Holiday with an extra special bang...... or forever remembering that special date night on Valentines Day!

So, here you are: Our plan to give you all the first "just got engaged" steps that you need to know so that you arrive at your wedding as relaxed and excited as you are right now with being “just engaged”.

Our 10 steps from “being engaged” to “getting married” will help you feel relaxed, but in control, and will ensure you are on the right track of this most exhilarating time of your life.

Here's a sneak peek at some of steps:

Enjoy the moment

Us time

Dreaming big

Choosing a wedding style

Gathering style inspo

Hiring your professionals.

Enjoy the moment, don't stress! It’s a fantastic journey you are on, we are so excited for you both!

We are here for you too! We can offer even more suggestions when you get to the steps about choosing your wedding theme and how to style it. We'd love to be part of your journey!


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