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Silver Styling Service

    Creating a cohesive special look by bringing your decorating ideas together. 

    Four Silver Styling Steps!

    1.  Design and Consult

    A free one hour consultation with you to get to know you and to discuss the plans you may already have. 


    We want to hear about your dream and vision, your venue, your guests and what you imagine it will all look like.

    We can also help you develop your thoughts to uncover your unique and special style and create your bespoke table decorations for you. 


    2. Concept and Style

    We will channel our creative energy into formulating a design concept that tells your story to deliver an unforgettable wedding venue style that is both unique and inspiring. 

    We will do this by providing our own photographs or from the likes of Pinterest.


    We will then produce a mock-up, where practical, of one of your bespoke table decorations. 

    3. Design Brief and Quote

    We will bring the decorations together by providing a full breakdown of all the elements that we will style and display on each table.

    The design brief will also include the extra details such as the total number of tables and the number in your bridal party for example.  We will also include full details of any additional venue decorations.

    A financial breakdown will be emailed to you detailing all of the elements in the design brief plus any other service costs.


    4. Preparation, On-the-Day Styling and Set-up

    This is where we plan, source and create all your bespoke decorations or style and coordinate with the decorations you already have.


    On-the-day we get to work our magic while you get to escape the stress, hustle and bustle of setting your tables. We guarantee a cohesive stylish look with beautifully crafted impressive decorations. We will ensure they are perfect and everything is in place.

    Our quote will also include the set up all of any additional items such as line, crockery, cutler, napkins, guest favors, water of wine bottles and glassware as required.

    ​You get to spend precious time with your friends and family on the special day. 

    Our pack-down service is not included however, it can be added as an extra cost.

    Yes, this sounds like me!

    We love bringing together your vision, and your ideas and creating a cohesive special look. From the textures of the centerpiece, to the scents filling the air, to the ambience, the feel and vibe of it all. You can choose an amazing venue, but often they can be too corporate, too bare, too rustic, or too uniform.


    Couples who choose our Silver Styling Service often have a specific look in mind and we work hard to bring it alive. The venue itself although beautiful, may not 100% tick the entire vision. So we listen, offer suggestions and bring the colours and style together. We can not only style but also create & design your decorations. Our table-scaping is second to none!


    Our Silver Styling Service is about removing the logistical hair-pulling associated with making your venue fit for purpose, and transforming it into your space filled with love, joy and sheer beauty without the nightmare of actually having to do it yourself.

    The morning of your wedding should be about you and your family, friends and those special people helping you get ready. If you stick to tradition and don't see one another before 'I do', the on-the-day styling can be a logistical nightmare.


    This special day shouldn't be about dragging chairs around a ballroom, struggling with table plans and putting the name cards in the right place, man-handling table decorations or replacing dead batteries in fairy light strings.



    Let us do it all for you. ​


    We won't stop working until everything is perfect.​​​

    The best part of Elbee's Silver Styling Service is that we have the ability to work within your own specific look or to design and create bespoke decorations that are tailored  to fit your budget.  We will always work with you to make your event a representation of what YOU love.

    We will bring your special day to life.

    Elbee's Silver Styling Service Includes

    One Free consultation - step 1 (planning)

    One $30 consultation - step 2 (styling) which will be deducted from your account if you engage our services.

    Yes, this sounds like me!

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