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How do I enjoy my wedding day? 5 Wedding Day Planning Tips.

How EXCITING! The BIG day is finally here! The day you have always dreamt about.

Your day might go something like this:

You’re so excited about the whole day and the build-up to that point when you finally get to say “I do”. You have everything planned and are going to enjoy every minute of the day!

Rising early and eating

So you begin by rising early (but not too early) after all you needed that restful sleep!

You have time for a luxurious bath, or a stimulatingly long shower, whichever you fancy.

Then you join your bridesmaids for a light breakfast and bubbles. You are so excited and can hardly eat, but your mother told you that you must as you need substance to be able to enjoy this day fully.

Hair and Makeup

After that, your wedding party rush around, just a little, as you know you need to allow an extra 10 minutes to get on your 20 minute journey to the hair and make-up salon.

You can’t resist that quick sneak peek at your gown before you go.

It’s hanging in your parent’s room from a hook your Dad put high up the wall so that you see it in all its glory.

It looks wonderful beside the bridesmaid’s gowns, and you can’t wait to get it on later today!

You are relieved that the stylists are so professional as they put you at ease and you begin to relax and enjoy the moment. It is wonderful to see things panning out as you imagined, and how everyone is being transformed into the creatures of beauty that you know they all are.

Planning to avoid the inevitable time pitfalls

Even though there are four stylists working together it does take three hours to get everyone ready, and you find the traffic is rather heavy on the journey home so that puts plans a little behind schedule.

You discover a drama when you get home as the men’s buttonholes have been included in your order with the bouquets.

Everyone tried to keep it from you as they didn’t want you to stress and it was a bit of a panic to get someone organised to deliver them to the grooms

place, but that’s all sorted now.

Thank goodness for brothers!

Allowing time for friends and family

There are a few unintended visitors to your family home, which is a bit unsettling, but you are gracious in meeting them, after all they are extended friends and family who have travelled a long distance to be here today.

You find you hadn’t really factored in the time this takes for you to be pleasant and polite when you have so much on your mind already!


The photographer has taken all the preliminary shots and is now champing at the bit to get shots of you getting dressed. But your mother is insisting that you all eat a little more for a light lunch. You definitely have to do that before getting dressed!

Finally the moment has arrived when you can be in your bridal gown. It is so exciting! The photos will be gorgeous and its time to get outside into the garden for those intimate family shots, although your father is now MIA – he decided at the last minute that he needed a haircut and is now stuck in traffic!

Never mind, the photographer is also very professional and improvises with other shots until your Dad arrives.

Time with your Dad

You can’t wait to get into the car that looks so gloriously shiny and bridal!

It takes 15 minutes to get to the ceremony and another 10 minutes to ensure you get those special shots you want with your Dad as he prepares to give you away. Then you can actually see your groom. You can’t wait!

All the planning has been worth it, although there were a few hiccups along the way, they were not insurmountable and you are ready and waiting to go to your groom. Everything is finally set!


We LOVE these stories.

It is such an exciting day.

It’s so important to plan and have the build-up as stress-free as possible.

When, during the preparation, did you think you could fit in the styling that is involved decorating your venue?

Here are a couple of tips that may help you plan this part of your wedding:

Tip #1: Hire a professional

Just like your hair and make-up stylists, or your photographer, we bring a professionalism that cannot be matched by family or friends who are also trying to get ready for your big day.

We take away all the stress.

We set the tables exactly as you had imagined, and how we, alongside you, had already planned.

We promise to continue working until everything is perfect. You will not even have to give it a moment’s thought as you prepare for your big day.

You can rest and relax with your bridesmaids, your family, and those that you love the most.

This day is so special, you don’t want to waste your precious time running around sorting the venue.

"Professionalism cannot be matched by

well-intending friends and family."

Your venue will probably look different if those setting the tables have not been

privy to all the information around what the tables were designed to look like.

Tip #2: Never underestimate the time it takes to style a venue

To give you an idea, from our experience it takes three to four Elbee staff two to three hours to decorate and style a venue of about 10 tables, plus a kids table, plus the bridal table.

Of course, this depends on what is involved in the table scaping, but also how many extras we are required to set, such as any guest signage, the bridal archway, and any ceremony set-up that is required.

Time is of the essence.

Time needs to be allowed for those unexpected distractions.

Tip #3: Have a timeline

Just like a bride with her pre-planning build-up from breakfast bubbles to walking down the aisle, we plan, plan, plan and have a time-line in place. The staff at Elbee Evolutions are a well-oiled machine.

We have processes in place so we can efficiently, quietly and effectively set all tables in a systematic way. This allows us to not only be efficient with our time, but also have the ability to solve any minor mishaps that may happen at the venue, or with other suppliers who are setting up for the big day.

Just as you have a time-line of events – from wake-up to the last dance, we have a time-line for table-scaping and styling at the venue

Tip #4: pre-plan your design and style

It goes without saying that we would love to work with you to design and style your venue as we have a systematic approach on how to achieve this.

Or get a copy of our one-page "Ultimate Wedding Décor Checklist".

We can help you formulate a design concept that will tell your story to deliver unforgettable table-scaping that is both unique and inspiring.

You can relax in the knowledge that we have all things covered, and have planned down to the last detail with you to ensure that everything will be perfect and as you had imagined.

Tip #5: Enjoy your day!

You’ve probably spent a lot of time planning your actual day. Of course you want to enjoy it!

If you are not careful to savour every moment, stress and worry can take over.

This day is about beginning a new chapter in your life with the one you love the most, not rushing around!

Don’t get distracted and stressed by those things that professionals can help you with.

Get in touch with us, we'd love to chat:



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