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From Vision to Reality: Transforming Spaces into Extraordinary Settings

Welcome to Elbee Events, where ordinary venues are kissed by magic and dreams dance to

life. In the heart of Canterbury, we craft moments that linger in hearts forever. Join us on a journey, as we unfold the secrets behind our family business:

Our family live on a 30-acre block surrounded by extensive (and peaceful) gardens where our studio for Elbee Events Studio can also be found.

The Elbee Events Studio: Where Magic Begins

The studio is a dedicated space where dreams take shape. Each corner of the Studio breathes with inspiration, an oasis where love stories transform into tangible beauty.

Stepping into our Studio is like stepping into a world of possibilities. It is where the magic unfolds, where ideas are born and dreams take root. Here, Leanne, the visionary behind it all, spends her time, creating designing and styling.

The Styling Process is a Journey of Collaboration

We call this process our "Elbee Exclusive Escape" where our styling sessions are intimate, a moment where our clients become part of the artistic process.

Together we embark on a visual journey, explore the nuances of your love story, translating it into an aesthetic tapestry.

Step One: Unearthing Your Unique Style

At Elbee Events, your journey begins with a free one-hour consultation, dedicated entirely to you. We want to hear your dreams, your vision, and the essence of your love story. We listen, absorb, and then begin to craft, just for you! Even if you're unsure about the theme, fear not. We're adept listeners, skilled at extracting the very heart of your desires. Together, we'll uncover your unique style, whether it's through the soft glow of fairy lights, the elegance of placemats, or the artistry of floral arrangements.

Step Two: Weaving Your Tale into Design

Here we immerse ourselves in creative energy, shaping a design concept that narrates your story. From our own vast portfolio to the boundless inspiration of Pinterest, we gather images that resonate with your vision. And then, like a prelude to the masterpiece, we present a mock-up of one of your bespoke table decorations. Elements will come together, table settings evolve, and before your eyes, your vision will materialise.

Step Three: Crafting the Symphony of Details

Here, we bring together every element, providing a comprehensive breakdown of all that will grace your tables. From the type of table to the total count, no detail is too small. We also extend our scope to cover any additional venue decorations. A detailed financial breakdown is then presented, ensuring transparency in every aspect.

Step Four: Breathing Life into Your Vision

This is where the magic happens. We embark on a journey of planning, sourcing, and creating, crafting each bespoke decoration with care. Concurrently, we coordinate any additional bookings made on your behalf, such as linen or catering equipment hire. If possible, we undertake a venue visit, ensuring we understand the layout and positioning of every element.

Step Five: Letting You ESCAPE and Bask in the Moment

As the day dawns, we step in to work our magic. While you revel in the precious moments with your loved ones, we orchestrate a seamless setup. From table decorations to linens, crockery, and glassware, every element finds its place. And when the celebration reaches its crescendo, we return to pack down, leaving the venue as pristine as we found it.

Are you ready to step into our world of magic?

Still not sure?

The Meticulous Art of Detailing:

In the world of Elbee Events, every detail is sacred. It's not just about candles and vases; it's about how they dance together. It's about how each element breathes life into the other. The flicker of light, the touch of silk flowers, the rustle of leaves - they all come together in harmony. Leanne, with her keen eye for detail and a heart brimming with creativity, guides you through every step.

We believe that your wedding day is not just an event; it's a chapter in your love story.

It's our job to craft unforgettable memories through all of the decor.

Embrace the extraordinary with Elbee Events.

Book your exclusive styling session at Elbee Events Studio today, and let's craft a moment that will reside in your hearts forever.

We're excited to be a part of your extraordinary love story.


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