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Helpful Hire Service

We will plan a concept design then package these up so that you can style on the day.

Three Helpful Hire Service Steps!

    1. Design and Consult

    A one hour consultation with you to get to know you and to discuss the plans and vision you already have. 


    We want to hear about your dream and vision, your venue, your guests and what you imagine it will all look like.  We will help you develop your thoughts to uncover your unique and special style and create your bespoke table decorations for you.   


    We will offer photos of our previous work so you can visualise your decorations and will produce, where practical, some physical examples of what they could look like.


    2. Concept and Quote

    We will bring the decorations together by providing a full breakdown of all the elements that we will be hired for display on each table.  

    Please note this service does not include sourcing flowers or foliage that you might want to use in your hired decorations.

    The quote will also include the extra details such as the total number of tables and the number in your bridal party for example.  We will also include full details of any additional venue decorations.

    A financial breakdown will be emailed to you detailing all of the elements in the design brief plus any other service costs.

    3. On-the-Day System

    We will package up your hired decoration items for you to pick up from our studio prior to your special day.

    You will set-up and style on the day at your venue, adding all your extra flowers or foliage that you provide yourself.

    You will pack down yourself and return all hired decorations to us after the event.


    Yes, this sounds like me!

    You have probably already sorted all those "big ticket" items and now are trying to plan the finer details. This is where we come in!  We will help you turn your vision into reality by styling, creating and designing all your decorations.

    The venue itself will determine your theme but we listen, offer suggestions and bring the colour and style together in a special way to ensure your event is special to you.  We will help you develop your thoughts to turn your vision into truly beautiful bespoke decorations.


    Creating bespoke décor for you is what we

    MOST LOVE to do!

    Once created we will package all the hired items so you can set and style them to your hearts content on the day.

    You will then return the hired decorations to us. 

    Please note this service only refers to items listed for hire from our website. It does not include sourcing flowers or foliage that you might want to use in your hired decorations.

    The best part of Elbee's Helpful Hire Service is that we know how to personalise your decorations and we always tailor the theme to your own budget.  We work with you to make your event a representation of what YOU love.


    Elbee's Helpful Hire Service Includes:

    One $30 hour-long consultation which will be deducted from your account if you engage our services.


    What is bespoke tablescaping?

    Simply put, tablescaping is like landscaping but it is the transformation of a table setting rather than an outdoor area.

    We will create a special atmosphere for you - be it with fairy lights, placemats, that special napkin fold or the vase of flowers on the table.  Sometimes it is simply working with you to choose a favourite colour palette.  It is our job to uncover your own personal style in order to create that unique and inspiring table.….on any budget!  Our perfect table decorations will be of a high quality, beautifully crafted and impressive.

    Yes, this sounds like me!

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