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We LOVE working with wedding couples
helping you EVERY step of the way...

Elbee's Ultimate Décor Checklist

A comprehensive checklist to spark your imagination.


The list will also help you to check all décor items that could be included in your big day.


22 Wedding Themes

The ideas we have compiled will help to get you thinking about your own unique theme or style.

All you need to get started on your styling journey.


3 Step Styling Guide

How to narrow down your theme in just three steps! 

Investigating three areas of planning that will influence your day and give you the vibe you are after that is unique and special to you.


10 Planning Steps
From Engagement to Wedding

A few things to mull over while you are celebrating being engaged. 


How not to stress out over being too quick to plan the wedding when you are still feeling excited about being newly engaged. 


Want help to style your event?

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