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Rustic Charm

Jen's 80th

The family wanted a back drop to enhance the vibe of the barn and also to take those much loved family photographs of everyone. We used real bales of hay and an archway that we draped with hessian and fairy lights.  On either side of the archway we used antique cream cans and aged beer crates to house various horse implements and old tilly lanterns.  Dried arrangements of straw, barley, and toetoe were used throughout.  Lighting to add to the ambience was by way of rusted tin cans of various sizes with holes punched in the sides.  One of Jen's old horse saddles added the finishing touch.

We also decorated other areas of the barn, hiding one corner or cords and whatnots with greenery and toetoe and enchancing the antique cartwheels with more arrangments and tin can lighting.

We added smaller greenery, toetoe and dried grasses to arrangements on the bar learners, with lighting inside smaller rusted tin cans. 

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