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A Ford man through and through, Shane is the designer and inventor of all our crazy but creative & original ideas.

His Story

Shane loves jet boating (Westlander with L73 Chev & 2-stage southern jet unit), all things trucking (gotta be a Kenworth) and cooks a mean roast pork!

He is a business man in his own right owning and operating Canterbury Westland Transport and these contacts are invaluable to Elbee Evolutions when we are sourcing items like wooden pallets, bales of straw or toi toi for all of our decorations.

He is handy on the welder - being known to weld miniature netball hoops (Netball 50th Jubilee Dinner), make rustic pallet signage or metal hoops for the ivy chandeliers.


On the day at the actual event he is the general go-to fix-it person who works calmly under pressure.  He is a dab hand at sorting the kids table and carries out many of those small, but important jobs to ensure everything is perfect such as ensuring any floral displays are well-anchored so they don't unexpectedly fall at an inappropriate moment. 

Shane is an endless supporter for this family business.


We know you will have fun browsing our website - even if we don’t have what you are after we may be able to create it or source it for you.  

We offer a free consultation where we can truly understand what you want and give you plenty of ideas to make your dreams come true. 

We know that together we can create something that is uniquely you.

Call us today, we look forward to working with you.


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