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Rose Gold

Christina's 21st

We transformed a boring tin shed into an exquisite silk-lined venue for Christina's 21st birthday party.Her brief was to "keep it simple" but also to use elegant rose gold tones.

The round tables were covered in white linen with a rose gold rimed ice bucket sitting on a mirror as the centerpiece. It contained a sprig of toetoe, flax seed head and copper seed lights.  It was very glamourous in its simplicity.

The fairy light curtain backdrop was framed by wine barrels. The feature floral arrangement contained toetoe, flax seed heads, roses, peonies roses and greenery.  It was very difficult to tell that the artificial flowers had been spray-painted rose gold. This area proved popular for guests to take their photo in front of.

The corners of the shed were also decorated with toi tois in rustic white sacks that were tied up with rose gold coloured material while the roof featured three chandeliers that were decorated with the same roses from the floral arrangements and fairy lights. 

We were also asked to decorate the cake so used the same highlights to tie everything together.  These decorations truly were the "icing on the cake"!

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