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Wedding Décor Sorted? Here's a complete decor checklist!

An ultimate checklist to help you nail down every detail of your décor style requirements.

As a newly engaged couple you have no doubt started planning your big day.

While there are plenty of wedding planning checklists out there, most focus on the “big ticket” items.

Of course you are going to discuss your desires with your florist when finalizing your bouquet, and, of course you know that you need to have tables and chairs for the reception!

It is the small finer design details that often get overlooked and forgotten. Many people think they are an unnecessary wedding expense, but we beg to differ!

We believe (and our experience backs this up) that décor sets the style of your wedding and makes it much more memorable for those attending your special day.

It’s the small touches!

It’s the carefully designed wedding décor that has the most dramatic impact on the overall aesthetic of your day.

Your décor will make your day personal, unique and memorable.

At the end of the day, don’t you want a wedding that stands out from the crowd compared to other cookie-cutter weddings?

Why should you focus on the décor?

Your wedding should be all about showcasing your personal style.

It should be a reflection of you as a couple.

You can showcase your uniqueness in many ways - writing your own vows, wearing a unique wedding gown, having an out-of-the-ordinary venue.

But, for your guests, the easiest and most memorable way to show your personal style is with the physical environment. Your wedding décor has the most immediate impact. It is the visual proof that ties everything together.

Think of your wedding as your artistic masterpiece with all your guests watching. Granted, you and your partner will most likely remember the ceremony and your vows the most but your guests will remember the experience of it all.

Social media has ensured that we have become extremely focused on how things look – so its important to make “that look” memorable, and a reflection of you as a unique couple saying their “I do’s”.

How do you do it?

It can sometimes feel a little overwhelming deciding how to decorate.

It does truly begin with your choice of venue. Even then, you have to be mindful of the venue itself. The styling can range from a venue being a “blank slate” through to a venue that hosts numerous wedding celebrations every year and so the challenge is to make the venue look and feel different to everyone else’s held at that same venue.

But, regardless of your overall style or theme, there are certain décor elements that you will need to consider as part of your planning.

Still not sure that the décor is important?

We always discuss four particular areas of design with our clients. We have listed them here to help you with your planning. Let us break the day down for you:

The Ceremony:

This is the most important part of the day for you as a couple and it is the first “visual” that your guests will see. As the first part of the whole event, it sets the scene.

But, remember though that it is also the space where your guests spend the least amount of time!

Having said that, the focus of this space is all about you as a couple. The décor needs to frame the two of you and to set the tone for the rest of your celebrations.

Because the most important feature is you, frame yourselves with an archway or dramatic back drop. Add aisle features to draw the eye to the front.

The other important aspect of this area is the chairs – you want your guests to be comfortable! You may also need to consider guest welcome signage to welcome them to your day and to direct them to the ceremony area.

Any décor at your ceremony needs to be a hint of what is to come, so harmony with the rest of the day is really important.

Immediately After the Ceremony:

Some call this the “cocktail hour”. It’s the slightly more informal time where guests reflect on the emotions of the ceremony but before the more formal programme of speeches at the reception. It’s an important time as your guest get to catch-up, to mix and mingle, and to relax together.

You may have a beverage bar or a food station, giant out-door games, a photo booth, indoor games (cards, puzzles) or a guest signing book.

It’s important that you have items that will encourage your guests to interact naturally with each other as it also sets the tone for what is to come next.

There are also plenty of opportunities to incorporate décor here that continue to support your overarching vibe and style.

Think about signage, complementary bathroom supplies, blankets, photo displays of your love story so far, personalized quotes and so on.

The Reception:

This is where you need to flex all the creative muscles to express yourself. It is where your guests will spend the most amount of their time, so its arguably the most important area in which to get the décor right.

It begins right from the reception entrance, what is the overall vibe you want your guests to experience when they first enter?

Think of the wall decorations, hanging chandeliers, up lighting, draping and so.

But! There are no rules so balloons, paper lanterns and bunting also add atmosphere when placed thoughtfully around the venue.

All of your décor arrangements can make a large space feel more intimate, they can cover up plain walls or hide things that don’t compliment the look you are trying to achieve.

Remember it’s often possible to transfer the wedding ceremony backdrop or archway to the reception area as well.

The Table Décor:

If having a seated meal, the dinner table is the longest your guests will remain in one place, so where they sit should be stunning.

They not only need to be comfortable during the formal part of speeches but the visual focus from the table décor is especially important. What do you want them to see when they are seated?

Make sure your centerpiece isn’t too overpowering and that it doesn’t come to eye level otherwise it’s really difficult for your guests to interact with each other.

The table décor is a point of creative difference and so there are many options available for you.

Your table décor is as unique as you!

As a rule of thumb, we suggest a couple of things:

1. A mix of high and low arrangements both on the table and around the venue to give dimension and visual balance.

2. Odd numbers of arrangements; 3 rather than 4 candles for instance is the key, but it also depends on the shape and style of your table to begin with!

3. The highest point of your centerpiece needs to either be below the chin or above the head (such as an arrangement set on a plinth) when you are seated at the table.

How can we help?

We’ve put together a one-page information sheet to spark your ideas, and for you to physically tick off all the things you may need. It’s a comprehensive list based on our experience from working with wedding clients.

Our checklist will help you to nail down every wedding décor detail.

Some you will want, others not at all.

No matter what you choose to ignore or include, this décor checklist will help you stay focused and in control of this important (and fun!) part of your wedding day planning.

Remember though, there are no rules, so you can choose to use whatever elements you want!

We know this ultimate checklist will come in handy!


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