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Staying On-Trend Yet Uniquely Yours: Mastering Wedding Décor Trends!

Planning your wedding can feel like a whirlwind of Pinterest boards and Instagram inspiration. It can either be an exhilarating journey filled with inspiration from every corner of the internet or it can feel just a tad overwhelming.

And while you may find yourself being drawn to the latest décor trends, you might also have a heartfelt desire that your big day is an authentic reflection of your love story as well!

Regardless of where you are at on your wedding planning journey we know that most couples envision a wedding that's as unique as their own love story.

With so many options out there and with many ideas running through your head rest assured: your wedding CAN be a reflection of your love and individuality, sprinkled with a touch of trendiness that's oh-so-Instagram-worthy!

Whether you are feeling excited or overwhelmed, we believe you can achieve this in just two steps:

Step 1.

Choose your overall wedding style (some call this the theme of your wedding). Some examples are:

Rustically Romantic

Boho Bliss

Timeless Elegance

Modern Chic

Classic Fairy Tale

Which one speaks to you?

Trust that your heart will tell you which style resonates with your unique love story.

(Check out a previous blog about further wedding styles that gives many ideas to help you narrow down your style.)

Step 2.

For a seamless process from style idea to implementation - involve a professional!

Professional wedding stylists understand the challenge of blending the latest décor trends with your personal style and can guide you throughout this process seamlessly.

At Elbee Events we will ensure your wedding is a reflection of your love and individuality, sprinkled with a touch of trendiness (if that’s what you want).

We have the experience to incorporate those chic elements that you might just adore while ensuring your big day is still a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. We will guarantee that your wedding will be a masterpiece that’s unequivocally yours.

We love creating décor that translates into your own enchanting love story.

So, how do we ensure YOU master YOUR wedding décor trends?

It all begins with an exclusive studio styling session:

You get to explore ideas in our dedicated design studio.

Being able to touch and feel our exquisite displays.

You get to tell us about your personal love story.

We love spending time exclusively with you, listening to all your ideas.

We will explore all the trending and enchanting décor ideas with you.

We show you lots of ideas that are already set up as displays in our studio.

We can offer other ideas if you’re unsure of your personal style.

You get to see first-hand how your wedding vision could come together.

We create a table setting mock-up right in front of you.

Above all, we believe that your wedding day should be a beautifully curated experience that you and your guest will remember for a lifetime.

So, at a studio styling session we will formulate a design concept that not only tells your love story, but will be on-trend to create an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind celebration.

We love to channel our creative energy - just for you!

So step into our world where we offer tailored styling that reflects your individuality.

Don’t miss this opportunity to create the wedding of your dreams!

A design studio where wedding dreams are transformed into "on-trend BUT uniquely yours" tangible beauty.

If this sounds like you – book a styling session:


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