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Décor Trends for the 2023 - 2024 Wedding Season

We’ve done our research and have come up with a list of what’s “IN” for the 2023/24 wedding season. We’ve focused on wedding styling and décor ideas as that is our area of expertise, but we have also added some other bits and bobs as well (can’t help but get the 2023 vibe going!).

We hope you enjoy our easy read:

First off - as always, we believe your wedding day should be all about YOU as a couple, so anything really goes.

You CAN buck any trends that we write about here, as it’s YOUR wedding after all!

Your big day always needs to be a reflection of YOU…..but ……..the following season’s trends might just help you with your planning anyway!

1. Sustainability:

First on the list; couples will tend to push back against anything that is unnecessarily wasteful.

  • Digital invitations will be popular or at the very least recycled paper will be popular.

  • Couples will be mindful with the use of plastic cups or disposable plates, opting for more sustainable items.

  • The natural beauty of outdoor venue spaces will be popular as they will not only reduce the need for extra floral arrangements, but will also reduce energy costs.

  • Sustainable décor items such as potted plants will be used as alternatives to fresh floral arrangements.

  • Many couples will have fun scourging through second-hand shops for unique, reusable and quirky decorating items (or better still, get your stylist to do it for you!)

2. Design by Location:

As this is the first major decision that will set your wedding style, it’s important to mention here.

Options to skip a traditional wedding venue to celebrate at a favourite restaurant or at a special spot in a public park or garden or building will become the norm in 2023/24.

Outdoors will be popular, as will celebrating under a quirky stretch-styled tent, or clear-roof marquee.

However, those wishing for a more traditional venue are likely to focus on an evening wedding that will still be BIG - lots of sparkle will be required!

(More on “maximalism” below.)

3. Mid-week Weddings:

Post Covid-19, a mid-week wedding date provides cheaper rate options, although the downside might be a reduced guest list because guests may not be able to get the extra time off work. The up-side is that a mid-week wedding gives couples an opportunity to have a more intimate ceremony with fewer guests but more money available to spend in other areas.

4. Smaller Guest Lists:

Intimate weddings will be a popular trend this season and with mid-week weddings in mind the guest list will more than likely be reduced, with only those closest to you attending. Sustainable-friendly couples are also being creative here - utilizing live-streaming platforms so that other friends and family still get to witness and experience the celebrations remotely. Many will also opt for videographers so they can digitally send a video to guests that captures all of the special moments.

5. Shorter, Unexpected Ceremonies:

It’s predicted the actual time of the ceremony will shrink from an average of 60 minutes to 15-30 minutes this season.

Lots of couples will chose to have a friend or family member officiate rather than a priest or minister.

Many will think up unique spins on the traditional service – for example an unexpected wedding entrance where Grandma is the flower girl. 2023/24 brides may also undertake a “first reveal” to either sets of parents, or to their grand-parents.

6. Ceremony Time:

Many ceremonies will change from the more traditional afternoon time slot with an evening reception to a brunch style wedding instead. Again this provides a more intimate event with the option to spend more on entertainment or guest’s experience. We may also see an uptake on the event happening over a week of festivities for the guests to be a part of! It has to be said though that elaborate evening celebrations will be as equally popular, where no expense is spared on this more usual traditional style celebration.

7. "Maximalism":

Regardless of the size of the guest list, this season’s couples will “Go Big”. This may include things like multiple outfit changes, non-traditional wedding gowns and week-long parties.

Designing will be “scaled up” while the guest list is “scaled back”. There will be plenty of opportunity to be full-on for personalization behind every wedding design detail. This will be the very opposite of a minimalist styled wedding, although the maximalism focus will go well beyond just the glitz, glamour and elegance of the wedding décor.

8. Styled for “The Experience”:

In the 2023/24 season, couples will look at progressive entertainment that leads guests from one experience to the next with specialty vendors and artists.

Think outdoor-style games, interactive bars, live painters, musicians and performers.

Couples will also look to other fun food options – food trucks, pizza stations, grazing tables and picnic style dining.

All these experiences will unify the couple with their guests through the use and style of food, music and décor.

9. Themed Events:

Because couples are likely to focus on the guest entertainment, especially departing from the traditional “cocktail hour” or serving drinks while photos are being taken, a themed event can bring cohesion to the whole proceedings.

Guests may be asked to dress accordingly to enable a couple’s individuality to shine through which will also create memories that everyone will remember. Guests will be expected to participate and become part of the whole wedding proceedings.

10. Décor Detail:

The decorating details may be dictated by a theme but this season we will also see bold designs, plays on patterns, bohemian inspired florals, along with retro-rust or light-airy florals and lace creations. Think unmatched bridesmaid dresses and several “costume” changes for the bride.

Table décor will also tend to be unmatched, quirky and unique. Décor elements will include things like feathers, metallic leaves, pot-plants, painted books, paper lanterns; even sparkly shoes!

Pops of colour with feature in pillows, throw blankets, table runners and other accessories. Permanent wooden signage that can be re-hung for display at the couple’s home will also be a hit.

The top trending 2023/24 colour is emerald green paired with a variety of colour palettes – blush pink, light blue and silver.

Another popular palette will be in terracotta, copper, rust and burnt orange tones.

Pearls are also taking the stage this wedding season. They can be used on the cake, the dress, in your hair and within your décor. They are a great way to add bling without going overboard, as they are a classic statement piece that can easily accent any decoration.

Metallic Styling is also on trend for 2023 as they are cool, can be used from up-cycled materials, and have a slightly edgy elegance. There are many colours that can be used – bronze, silver, rose gold and black, so there are lots of options out there! Think metallic plate chargers, candle holders and vases. Team these with sequined table runners, glitter balls or mirrors for that extra glam and shimmer.

So that’s our thoughts for the 2023/24 wedding season - in 10 “easy” steps!

We hope this has given you some inspiration!

We can’t say it enough though:

At the end of the day, your wedding should be about what you love, not just what's popular at the moment.

Come along to our Studio to see what we have for hire, and how we can help to style your wedding. Book now, and we will give you a 90 minute no-obligations session for FREE.


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