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BOT Dinner

The Rolleston School Board of Trustees were hosting a dinner party for it's staff. It was in the school hall but the space was too big for the number attending so we cut the size in half by creating a "wall" with the stacked chairs.  

We draped these in three sections: two were draped in the school uniform colours - which were red and blue, and then on the third section we replicated the school motto in 7 colours. Each colour represented a value from the word "Express" which formed part of their values under the "Rolly Express".

We used greenery and silver or natural toetoe for dramatic effect in bold vases - both fish-bowl style and tall cylinders. 

On the tables we designed simple, yet elegant posies with red and white roses, along with bright blue ribbon so that the school colours were again replicated in these arrangements. Red and blue lights were added for dramatic effect. 

An old antique suitcase was used as a creative container filled with ice and later, drinks. 

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